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"The Celtic Year" is 55cm x 40cm and is in green ink on natural parchment board.

The key is A4 (29cm x 21cm), green ink on natural parchment.


All Greeting cards are A5(21cm x 14.8cm), black ink on Ivory marbelle board.

The back of each card carries a short tale about the characters.


All Prints are A3(42cm x 30cm), black ink on Cream parchment board


Also available, sets of notelets,

Each set contains 12 A6(14.8cm x 10.5cm)cards, black ink on white marbelle board (4 of 3 designs).

There are three sets:-

The Celtic Lovers

Images of Albion

Goddesses of The Mabinogion

Spirits of Samhain

Ancient Ireland (set 1) Caldragh Idol-Carrowmore-Hill Of Uisneach

Ancient Ireland (set 2) Newgrange- Leacht Con Mac Ruis- Labby Rock


The Celtic Year is Priced at $25.00 or £10.00 Package and shipping is included in the price.

All packs of notelets are $12.00 or £6.00 postage and shipping is included.

Package and shipping is included in the price of all cards and prints.





  $   £    $   £

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

 Oisin & Niamh
   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

Diarmuid & Grainne
   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

  Deirdre & Naoise
   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00


   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00

   $2.00  £2.00    $12.00  £7.00


As paying with credit card is sometimes viewed as dangerous we us an American firm called Kagi for our transactions.

To pay by secure credit card please click here

We accept payment in U.S. Dollars, Euro's, Irish Pounds or Sterling

if you wish to pay by cheque or IMO please make them payable to Sara Mc Murray-Day

and send them with your order to:-

Celtic Moon Design




Co. Leitrim


00 353 (0) 71 64929


For our wholesale price list please contact us

Please remember all the artwork is the property of Celtic moon Design.

Create your own - don't steal ours.



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