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There are many great sites out there here are a few we think you might like.

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A great site of Irish history and archeology from Martin Byrne
 Celtic Connections magazine, all the info you need on David James's fine magazine
  Celtic art from American artist Michael Carroll
Bluestone Design features the Celtic and Pictish artwork of Campbell Patterson.
 The most inspirational artwork on the net
BEYOND BEN BULBEN; Poetry & Literature from W.B. Yeats
 The Book Nest - Sligo's premier book shop
 Doras - The the ultimate guide to what's Irish on the web
 In Tune Web Design - One of Irelands top web designers( possibly better than me)
A very fine artist called David Kelly
 The definitive guide to ireland complete with many interesting links  Exellent artwork from Duncan Long
 The home of the Black Dragon
 The fine photography from Sligo's Joe Grey  








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