A selection of photos of David Gray...

Everyone has the photos from his albums, so wouldn't it be nice to seem some live action shots? Here you will find plenty - both amateur and professionally taken photographs - from various live shows. Please respect the copyright of the owner and do not publish these photos on another site or print medium without prior permission.

If you have some photos of DG that you would like to share with other fans, please e-mail us.

Click on each photo to see full-size version.

 david_pic_live.jpg (12480 bytes) dg_bowery_1.jpg (24859 bytes) dg_bowery_2.jpg (18163 bytes) dg_seattle1.jpg (155010 bytes)
dg_seattle2.jpg (214751 bytes) dg_seattle3.jpg (115412 bytes) dg_seattle4.jpg (181387 bytes) dg_seattle5.jpg (157178 bytes)
dg_seattle6.jpg (177219 bytes) dg_seattle7.jpg (99110 bytes) dg_seattle8.jpg (115564 bytes) dg_seattle9.jpg (185364 bytes)
dg_seattle10.jpg (162712 bytes) dg_seattle11.jpg (142310 bytes) dg_seattle12.jpg (183905 bytes) dg_seattle13.jpg (111099 bytes)
dg_seattle14.jpg (171279 bytes) dg_seattle15.jpg (151256 bytes) dg_seattle16.jpg (212440 bytes) dg_seattle17.jpg (252835 bytes)
dg_seattle18.jpg (201669 bytes) dg_seattle19.jpg (220722 bytes) dgpic1.jpg (12523 bytes)

Photographs courtesy of Loren Johnson (, with many thanks.

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