Guitar Tabs & Chords:

Want David Gray guitar chords? Look through our list of chords and tabulature for most of David Gray's songs here on Drunken Gibberish. DG creates his brilliant music out of often quite simple, but always delicate, beautiful and concise guitar patterns. Many of these songs are very playable, though most require a capo. The tabs have been arranged into album order below.

Where possible, credit has been given to the transcriber of the tab, e-mail me if you haven't been credited. Also, if you have any tabs of any other David Gray songs, please e-mail me so we can share them with everyone else.

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A Century Ends




    A Century Ends - NEW!
    Let The Truth Sting - NEW!
    Gathering Dust
    Lead Me Upstairs
    Living Room
    Birds Without Wings
    It's All Over - NEW!



    What Are You?
    Coming Down
    Falling Free
    Made Up My Mind - NEW!
    Mystery Of Love
    New Horizons
    Loves Old Song
Sell Sell Sell





    Faster, Sooner, Now
    Late Night Radio
    Sell Sell Sell
    Hold On To Nothing 
    Only The Lonely
    What Am I Doing Wrong?
    Gutters Full Of Rain
    Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today
    Folk Song
White Ladder



    Can't Get Through (secret song) 
    Babylon  - 2 versions!
    Please Forgive Me
    My Oh My
    We're Not Right - NEW!
    Silver Lining 
    White Ladder
    This Year's Love
    Sail Away
    Say Hello Wave Goodbye  - 2 versions!
Lost Songs 95-98
    Flame Turns Blue
    Hold On - NEW!
    As I'm Leaving  - NEW!
    If Your Love Is Real  - NEW!
    Tidal Wave 
    Falling Down The Mountainside 
    January Rain 
    Red Moon 
    Clean Pair Of Eyes  - NEW!
B-Sides & Misc.
    Lovers - NEW!
    Madder Rain - NEW!
    Tell Me More Lies - NEW!
    Over My Head - NEW!


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