David Gray Live has been released on VHS video in Ireland and the UK. Featuring David's sell-out concert in Dublin's Point Depot last December, the video captures the magic that the show generated. The gig took place at a time when his popularity was booming, just before the UK discovered him properly. As well as full concert footage, there is also bonus material of an interview with David Gray. Read more about this new video on the live video page.
For those who cannot purchase the live video in the shops, it can be bought over the internet at - click here for the link.

Babylon has won the top award in the annual Q Awards ceremony last night. Beating various artists including Coldplay, David Gray's hot single won 'Best Single' award. This is the first mainstream award David has won, and will surely be the first of many. Before this award, his highest accolade was the 'Guest of the Nation' award given to him at the Hot Press awards in Dublin last year.

David Gray is to release a long-awaited live video. Fiitingly enough, he has chosen what he himself terms his turning point, and one of his finest moments - the concert in the Point Depot, Dublin. Recorded in December 1999, the sell out concert was his biggest solo gig to date, and an immediate sell-out of tickets. The concert will be remembered by fans as an amazing transition from small intimate venues to a breathtaking performance in such a huge venue
As yet, there is no release date, but expected to be released in Ireland, possibly the UK too in time for the Christmas rush.

David Gray's third album, Sell Sell Sell is to be rereleased by Nettwerk Records shortly. The album was originally released in 1996 through EMI, but was not promoted much, and David suffered from much obstruction and record label difficulties. After he left EMI the album was deleted from production, and no more copies were since made available. EMI in the UK are also planning to release the album, on the back of David's recent success there.
It is not yet known whether this new release will have identical track listing and cover image, but stay linked for exciting news here... and a special promotion for the US release of Sell Sell Sell!

David Gray is set to appear on one of America's most popular music and comedy shows, Saturday Night Live. His support in the US continues to grow apace and this showcase should boost him even further.
David Gray will appear on the TV show on November 18th. As yet, it is not known which song he will perform.

Following on from the success of Babylon in the UK, 'Please Forgive Me' is set to be the next single released from White Ladder in the UK. Originally, this song was released as the third single from White Ladder upon its initial Irish release. The single release will - like Babylon before it - differ from the album version, and is expected to be a more radio-friendly/dance mix.
The b-sides are expected to be remixes of Please Forgive Me, and possibly some live tracks. Full details here as soon as announced.

It keeps getting bigger and better for David Gray. Having reached enormous success in Ireland and the UK, and snow-balling success in the US, now Australia becomes the next country to get White Ladder.
Released this week under the EastWest / Warner Brothers label, it is supported by a full-scale marketing campaign (and press releases proudly comparing him to Dylan and Van Morrison) and is expected to become huge. Initial reviews in local magazines have been extremely favourable. Meanwhile Babylon is released as the first single, also to good feedback.
Now DG will have to choose where to tour, as the market in Australia will be predictably large.

A very successful summer of gigs and festivals has enhanced DG's image and furthered his booming popularity. Interviews have appeared in most national publications and accross all TV stations and Internet web sites. It seems this is the peak of DG popularity. He still shows no signs of flagging though, as indicated with the recent release of his Lost Songs CD (see below), which has been very well received by fans.
The highlight of the summer was probably the Witnness festival in Ireland, where David headlined the festival (where the bill included Beck, Travis, Paul Weller to name a few). A 90 minute set consisted old and new songs, and was a complete success. There are rumours of a gig in the Hot Press HQ (Dublin) shortly, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Finally, David Gray's long-awaited acoustic CD, 'Lost Songs 95-98' has been released in Ireland. There are currently no plans to release it elsewhere, presumably in an effort not to confuse the market that are buying White Ladder. The album is better than expected, certainly not a collection of b-sides and rough demos, but a beautifully crafted 11 songs from the past couple of years. Each song a classic, this is an album all fans should own. If you do not live in Ireland, you can buy it on the 'net - see the Lost Songs page for more details.

  • White Ladder goes GOLD in UK  [news: 20 June 2000]

Fortunes have drastically improved for David Gray in his native country this year. Since signing to EastWest, the re-released White Ladder album had performed brilliantly in the charts, and is finally starting to achieve the critical and commercial success it previously missed.
This past week White Ladder has passed Gold status, and currently lies number 13 in the national charts, with single 'Babylon' gaining much airplay and MTV play. To capitalise on this success, David is to play a number of major festivals this summer (see below), which will be interesting, considering his usual intimate venue is his preffered arena.

  • More UK dates announced  [news: 20 June 2000]

As he is finally gaining some of the success he deserves in the UK, David Gray is to play a rake of venues during the summer and into the Autumn in the UK. These gigs consist of the major Summer festivals, and mostly college arenas, where he was so successful in the Irish equivalent years ago.
A full list of the dates and venues announced can be seen on the live page.

  • Lost Songs Release...  [news: 20 June 2000]

Irish fans are in for a treat this summer with the exclusive release of 'Lost Songs 95-98'. A collection of songs written of the past few years, but not featured on any albums, the CD is set for an Irish-only release on June 30th.
Gray himself has described the album's release as a present for his Irish fans who have supported him since his first album release. The track listing can be found on the Lost Songs page.

Realising too late what a good thing they had in David Gray, EMI Records are now attempting to milk some extra money out of their brief back catalogue of DG songs. Sell Sell Sell, originally released in 1996 by EMI, was deleted soon after it was released. Soon after this David left EMI and later formed his own record company.
Only now is David making the inroads into the UK market that he deserves, and as a result EMI have decided to capitalise on his recent success by rereleasing Sell Sell Sell. While some (including myself) may view this as a cynical, sneaky marketing move, at least it will give the many new fans a chance to purchase what has often unfairly been dubbed the poorer DG album.

  • DG signs to new record label  [news: 16 April 2000]

In the space of a few months, David Gray has signed to another new record label. In the UK, he is now aligned with EastWest, who have declared him their priority artist over the next few months. This move follows on from a period where he had no other representation, as he maintained his own label, iht Records. However, running his own record label took too much time away from his primary, creative duties.
White Ladder will be re-released in the UK this year, boosted by a massive marketing campaign. Already 20,000 copies of the album have been sold with no airplay or advertising. The album which has gone 7 times platinum in Ireland will probably be repackaged as it was for the US release (see below). It is expected that a reworked Babylon will be released as a single in May in the UK. 

  • New Summer tour dates for US  [news: 16 April 2000]

It will be a busy summer for DG as he tours around the US in May and June. Coming soon after the State-side release of White Ladder, this tour will hope to capitalise on the previous tour which brought him all over the country. This time, 21 dates have been announced (tickets on sale now!), which will see him play new venues, including Nashville and Atlanta among many others. The full touring schedule can be seen on the live page.

  • David Gray headlines Dublin festival   [news: 11 April 2000]

Witnness, a major Dublin summer 2000 festival has just been announced, sponsored by Guinness. The festival will feature over 50 live acts across 5 stages over 2 days. Headlining the massive gig, to be staged in Dublin's Fairyhouse Racecourse is David Gray. Other artists confirmed to appear include Beck, Travis and Ocean Colour Scene.
This event is expected to attract up to 100,000 spectators, and will be the largest ever gig David Gray has played. Until now, his largest was the Point Depot (8,000) in Dublin, and also as a support act at Slane '99. Headlining what will certainly be the major festival of the summer in Ireland is testament to the popularity and attraction of David in Ireland. Tickets for Witnness go on sale on April 15th. For full details of the festival, see the Witnness web site.

  • UK tour announced for April   [news: 24 March 2000]

Just as the dust settles on a highly successful US tour, David Gray is now to perform a brief tour of the UK. He will take in Manchester, London, Oxford, Brighton and Bristol. Tickets are expected to sell out very quickly. 
A complete listing of the UK dates can be found on the live page.

  • White Ladder released in US!   [news: 22 March 2000]

Almost 2 years after its Irish release, White Ladder has finally been released in America. The CD is released on ATO Records, and features slightly different packaging than the original version. Also, all of the song lyrics are printed inside the cover too, which certainly is a bonus. The main difference lies on the CD itself. There are two bonus tracks - Nightblindness and Babylon II - which fit in perfectly to the running order, and more importantly, the CD is enhanced with an interview and concert footage. They were filmed at the concert at the Point Depot, Dublin. The concert footage features Please Forgive Me, one of the best songs of the night.
The album is certainly worth buying even if you have the original CD, especially for the concert footage alone. For more details on the CD, and a link to buy it over the Internet, see the White Ladder US page.

  • DG on Conan O'Brien   [news: 18 March 2000]

As David Gray steams ahead with his whistle-stop promotional tour of America, he is set to appear on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', a late night NBC chat show. The show will be recorded, and aired on Tuesday, 21st of March, coinciding with the US release date of White Ladder. He is likely to perform, but it is not known if he will be interviewed also.
Stay linked to Drunken Gibberish for more news as it happens, and for some big changes to the site coming soon.

  • Late 'net radio...   [news: 16 March 2000]

As well as numerous live gigs across America in the space of a few weeks, David Gray is also set to appear on a number of key radio stations, for interviews and live performances!
As yet, the following have been confirmed:

-15 March - Live on KGSR (Austin, Texas) at 3pm
-16 March - In studio performance/interview on WXRV (Boston) 8:30pm
-19 March - Live on Vin Scelsa's 'Idiot's Delight' on WNEW (New York City) 6pm
-22 March - Radio Interview on WFUV (New York City - time unknown)
-24 March - Live on KCRW's 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 11:15am *Note: see below
-26 March - In studio performance/interview on KMTT (Seattle) 11am

*Note: David Gray's appearance on KCRW's 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' will be broadcast across the internet via their net-radio webcast. In case you can't catch David's interview and performance, it will be archived for later listening. The web site for KCRW is

  • US tour expands   [news: 3 March 2000]

David Gray's mini tour of the US has expanded to take in a wide selection of cities and venues, some chosen from fans' recommendations over the Internet. The tour now encompasses such important music festivals such as SXSW, and cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. This hectic shedule, as well as radio and in-store appearances (see above for more details) should help kick-start sales of White Ladder in the States.
To see a complete, updated list of David's tour, see the live page.

  • Mini US tour announced!   [news: 15 February 2000]

Now that he has signed up to an American label to distribute White Ladder (read down page for details), David Gray will play a mini tour of the States to promote the album's release. His first gig Stateside is in Boston on St. Patrick's Day. No doubt hoping the strong Irish contingent in Boston will kick start the year's gigging, he will then play in Philadelphia, New York, LA, San Francisco and Seattle soon after. Interest in this tour has already begun to grow and it is expected to be a sell-out, such is the 'Internet-following' of his over there (until now, most US-based fans had to purchase White Ladder over the Internet, or through friends).
A full list of the tour dates and venues is available on the live page.

  • White Ladder gets US release as David signs to new label   [news: 10 February 2000]

More than 15 months after its initial release, White Ladder is finally set to get a general release in the USA. This news is a result of David Gray signing to US record label, ATO. ATO is a brand new label run by Dave Matthews and his manager, with David being the first signing. This will undoubtedly offer David an excellent starting point in his quest to conquer the US.
You can visit Gray's new record label web site for tour details + release information at
White Ladder will be released on March 21st, in enhanced CD format, containing 2 extra tracks, Nightblindness and Babylon II (probably the edited, single version), as well as 12 minutes of concert footage and interview.

  • Irish release for accoustic album   [news: 8 February 2000]

It has been announced that David Gray's new accoustic album will get an Ireland-only release. The working title is Available Light, and the tracks are mostly solo, unproduced, back-to-basics style songs.

  • Internet-only release for album?   [news: 3 January 2000]

There are some indications that the new accoustic album from David Gray may be released over the Internet, rather than through usual outlets. As David now runs his own record label, iht Records, he has often commented on the difficulty in administrating record deals while touring and recording. It has been reported that David sees the Internet as an opportunity to do something different, and also emphasize that this isn't 'White Ladder 2', but merely a one-off accoustic album.
Any updates on this matter will appear here as they happen.

  • David to release 2 new albums in 2000   [news: 2 January 2000]

The year 2000 is set to become yet more successful for David Gray, following on from the explosion in popularity during 1999. 1999 was a year that saw David successfully embark on his largest tour to date in the British Isles, while he released 3 singles from his White Ladder album. Gaining precious radio play as well as a vigourous touring schedule meant that White Ladder has almost gone triple platinum in Ireland, remaining in the charts for over a full year.
David is currently on a break from touring to prepare his fifth 'proper' album, the follow up to White Ladder. This is intended for release early this year. We will also be treated to another album release from David this year. It will be a back-to-his-roots, accoustic-only album, containing songs that have been written over the past few years but not released on any albums. As yet track listings and album titles have not been disclosed, but one track certain to feature on the accoustic album is 'Tell Me More Lies', which has been featured on the Hot Press 1999 Annual.
As ever, more news will appear here as it happens.

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