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A new feature for Drunken Gibberish is our regular poll where you the fan can vote for your favourite David Gray album or song, discuss relevant issues and more. Here is the archived polls and their results. While you can't vote on any of these topics any more, you can discuss them in the Drunken Gibberish community.
Which is your favourite DG album?
 A Century Ends  17%
 Flesh  7%
 Sell Sell Sell  8%
 White Ladder 55%
 Lost Songs  12%
A good topic to start to the voting, but White Ladder was a winner from the start. Perhaps the reason was that everyone owns this album, compared to say, Flesh. Surely Flesh isn't the least-best David Gray album, is it? Lost Songs had a good result, considering it's recent release. A Century Ends is surprisingly a long way behind White Ladder.
What do you think of the result? Post your comments and opinions here.

Is there any topic you would like to see David Gray fans vote on? If so, e-mail Drunken Gibberish now and we'll feature it in an up-coming David Gray poll. E-mail: davidgray@ireland.com.
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