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Ahead of his umpteenth visit to Ireland, Welsh lad David Gray sits down and writes Muse a letter with the answers to thirteen nosey questions. David Gray plays Here Comes The Night at Dublin's Olympia on Friday March 19th (sold-out) and Sunday March 21st. 

What's the best record you've heard lately?
The Beach Boys "PET SOUNDS". 

What was the last film you saw?
This Year's Love. 

Are you pro or anti-smoking?
I'd have to say pro. Though it sounds a bit ridiculous, 'go on kids, have a fag!' 

You've died and gone to heaven. What's the first thing you'd do? 

Do you have any phobias? 

Ideal castaway desert companion?
Sky Sports (Giggs, Keane, Beckham etc). 

What would be the most outlandish piece of David Gray merchandise you could imagine?
A lifestyle fully automatic Dave doll with nodding head (batteries not included). 

What's your favourite South Park character?
The gay bloke with the animal sanctuary. 

What's the last thing you did that you wish you hadn't done?
Lost the plot while driving in London (happens regularly). 

Have you ever fancied a politician?

What do you remember most about your first Irish tour?
Pat Ingoldsby introducing me, and the roar of the crowd. 

Do you send Donal Dineen a Christmas card every year?

What would be your final words?
Say hello, wave goodbye

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