Rang a Ceathair

Growing Old

Looking in the mirror,
She can see the past .
Her youthful look would never last .
Her reflection speaks of times gone by Looking in the mirror she wonders why.
She can see the future that is not very long Looking back on her life
That has already gone.
Grey hair, wrinkles and a gummy smile
To her it has all been worth while.



Ned is an old man
Who lives on his own
No human to talk to
Except on the phone.
He stays in all day
Never stirs out
Eats very little
But enjoys his bottle of stout.
His hair is grey
His beard is white
He doesn't wash very often
So he looks quite a fright


Paddy Old Socks

A man lives near to my aunties house Paddy is his name.
He is called "Paddy Odd Socks"
by the people who live near him.
He lives in a old old house
and no-one comes to visit him.
He goes around from house to house looking for someone to talk to,
Yet everyone says he is as
cracked as the crows,
but I don't think he is.
He is just an old man,
lonely and sad,
looking for a friend.


The old lady

The old lady sits by the window,
Watching the children playing,
She wishes she were young,
So she could play with them.
The old lady puts her teeth
in a glass at night,
She is funny sight, gummy and grey,
And I am afraid to play with her.



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