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The toughest walk I've done so far was across Fancy Hill, or Luggala, along the cliffs above Lough Tay. This was one time where I was misled by the contours on the map. It was described in a guide book as a reasonable walk and the views were very promising.

We approached it from Pier Gates, which meant we had a long and fairly steep climb to the top of the ridge, but the view was well worth the climb. As we proceeded along the ridge, the path disappeared, so the rest of the walk consisted of scrambling over rough and often boggy ground. We finished the walk after crossing a stream and climbing back to the roadway nearby.

Despite the difficulties, I had a great sense of achievement after this walk. I also learned a valuable lesson which I pass on for what it's worth - get to know where your level of fitness is in relation to the "mountain goat" who has written your Guide Book!