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You've seen what my bunch looks like; here's an opportunity to see what other members of the extended Prendy-whatever family look like. All donations of graphic files gratefully accepted...!


Courtesy of Ray Warner, from Toronto, Canada. From left to right:- Ray's mom, ANNE PRENDIVILLE-WARNER, Ray's nephew PATRICK LIAM WARNER, Ray's youngest son SEAN, Ray's father VICTOR, and, clocking in at a strapping 6' 4", Ray's son GREGORY

Here's Bill Warner and his son, Patrick (haven't we seen him before?)


In a dramatic attempt to break the stranglehold that the Warner family have on this page, Christi Malone has submitted this photograph of her father, Robert J. Prendiville, taken in Castleisland in 1977. I can positively identify the premises as Sheila Prendiville's pub/shop in Lower Main Street. Sheila's premises is still trading to this day. In fact, I only entered the premises for the first time in 1999 (which says a lot for my maintenance of family relations, doesn't it?).  My own former home was a few hundred yards further up Main Street.


Here's Angela and John Nickson on their wedding day. Isn't it amazing how they managed to find such a large oval-shaped picture frame to stand behind?

And in keeping with the developing nuptial theme of this page, here's Mike Prendeville and his lovely bride on their wedding day. He paid extra, by the way, to get such a large picture on the site. My advertising rates are quite reasonable...:-)


And here's Mike's late father, Milton, enjoying the sea air. Curiously enough, when Mike sent me over the original graphic file for this picture, I was unable after a number of attempts to paste it on to this page. I had to print off the file and scan it back, saving it under a different name. Spooky...



Recognise any of these hairy mollies? The Prindiville family circa 1888. Carlton Prindiville has featured in dispatches in the guestbook (via Judy Clark). Poor old Charles H. must have had problems with a lack of hormones...:-). The use of the word "beaver" in connection with Louis A. is rather unfortunate, although maybe the sub-editor really meant to say "Louisa"...

And here's Robert J. and Jason R. Prendeville. Let there be no moving violations, d'ye hear?

This photograph of a "pub" in Castleisland was contributed by Thomas Prindiville. Taken in 1970, it features Thomas' late cousin. Sheila. Of course, what Thomas didn't realise at the time was that this wasn't a pub at all...this, in fact, was *my* house, where I lived until 1980. The world is getting smaller every day... For the ornithologists amongst us, a flock of starlings used to nest in the crack in the signboard around the "R.E.N." mark.




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