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                      Basketball1999.jpg (74096 bytes)

    Our first Basketball Team to take part in the Primary Schools League.

A Basketball coach came to our school every Tuesday, her name was Denise. She taught us how to catch, to shoot, to dribble and to tackle. Rules of the game are you must not hit your opponent when tackling, you can not double dribble. Every class from third to sixth got lessons. Denise herself played for Snowcream Wild Cats a local team but hurt her back and is unable to play.

Miss Phelan was appointed resource teacher and she is very interested in basketball. This year for the first time the school entered a team in the schools league with Miss Phelan as coach. We won three games and lost two and finished in third place.

We also had a school basketball league for fifth and sixth classes.  In the final Tommy Cullinane's team won and most of the classes watched it.

Every Wednesday we play basketball. Miss Phelan is our coach. Last Monday, fifth class played in a basketball blitz. Our team played against three other teams.They were Edmund Rice, St.Stephen’s and Slieverue.The blitz was on in the C.B.S. hall in Tramore. It was a pity we were knocked out. I missed the matches because I wasn’t in school that day. I forgot all about the basketball blitz! I was very disappointed because it would have been great fun!

By Martin Heffernan

Basketball League winners1999.jpg (81933 bytes)

School League winners 1999

Lisa Prendergast, Tommy Cullinane, Rosie Carroll, Catherine Halley, Lisa Nolan

Basketball shoot out.jpg (28191 bytes) Inter schools Shoot-out winners 2000

Ciara Curran, and Alice Moore with coach Miss Phelan


Basketball Kill.jpg (96650 bytes) Inter schools competition in Kill, runners-up, May 2001


Basketball.jpg (82564 bytes) Schools challenge against Ballyduff  June 2001



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