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Welcome To Portlaw N.S. Virtual Post Office

  Send your own Postcard from Portlaw

By simply clicking on the links below you can send or pick up your postcard


When creating your own postcard, you can customize its layout by choosing from many pictures and sounds.  You might prefer to use some of the scenes from Portlaw which are available to include on your card.

Under the Special Features section, click on the link to view the Portlaw images.
You can also upload your own images and sounds if you wish.   

Here to Create Your Own Card
Here To Collect
Your Card

To Create Your Card simply click on Here to Create above.  After submission of the card, a postcard preview will be displayed for you and you can change the appearance of your card if you are not entirely happy with your creation. 


 To pick up a Digital Postcard, the recipient will be notified about their postcard by a simple email message.  They will also be given a unique check number in order to claim their postcard.

Click here for our Postcard Frequently Asked Questions Section 

No need to rush to the shop to buy a card for that special occasion, you can now send your own unique and personalized card.  Your very own " Wish You Were Here" card from Portlaw !!



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