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The Frank Aiken Barracks.

The Army Barracks is where the soldiers stay to train, to protect the country of Ireland.

They go to other countries to keep peace in times of war.

They use weapons like a combat shotgun, and a night gun so they can see at night. A Bazooka which is a rocket launcher that fires a projectile capable of piercing armour.They also use pistols and rifles.

The vehicles they use are tanks which they can sit in and drive, and shoot cannon balls. Sometimes they use jets, which fly very fast .They shoot out rockets. Missiles are like rockets but they go faster. And they have machine guns on the wings of their jets.

The soldiers wear green combat uniforms.

They wear hats on their heads and wear a flag on their shoulder They train very hard for the army. When we went to the barracks the army were very nice to us .They showed us their weapons and let us hold them. We were also allowed to get into the tanks. We had a great time.


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