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The Castletown Road

The Castletown Road branches off Bridge Street, on the northside of Dundalk. It is about one mile long. First on the left is the Castletown Girls National School. It was built in 1895. There are some very old red brick house's which were built by the Urban Council in 1915. They are called Cúchulainn Terrace and Emer Terrace.

About half way down the Castletown Road there is a railway bridge which is the main Dublin to Belfast railway line. Just on the town side of the bridge there are road works going on. When the workmen were digging up the road they discovered a very old road. It could be 1,000 years old. It was made from Cobble stones which are big round stones. The road works are put on hold until Archeologists from Dublin check it out and maybe find some clues on how the road was built or maybe find some old treasures that could have been hidden under the old road.

Under the bridge on the right there are more old houses. There is a big garage which was only built in the last few years and there are lots of new houses being built.

Further on the left is a fairly new housing estate but about 200 years ago there was an old house called the Toll house. This house was to charge a fee on cattle and goods entering and leaving Dundalk. After the Toll house the road rises up the hill and on the left is Castletown Graveyard which was the main burying place for the whole of Dundalk until 1895 when the new cemetery opened on the Newry Road.

On the right still stands Bellew's Castle and on the grounds where the orchard was now is St Louis Convent which now is a secondary School. Just after the Convent is Castletown crossroads which marks the end of Castletown Road.




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