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There were no cars on the street of Dundalk until 1903 People walked everywhere. People who were well off had a bicycle or horse and cart . Women wore long dresses and a hat and men wore a cap or a hat which was the fashion at that time.

Some people did not wear shoes. They would be from big families and their parents could not afford them. Some people could not read or write and some people spoke Irish.

On a market day the square was full of cattle and stalls. There were small shops and the present post office was there. There was no unemployment at that time.

Before electricity came in people used oil lamps in their homes. There was no running water or flush toilets. There were no radios. Some people had gramophones which you had to keep winding up to play music.

Women knitted, did crochet and sewed all with their hands. An odd person would have a sewing machine with a foot peddle which you peddled to sew .Few women worked outside the home, they were always busy at home. They made everything for their families at home. It was cheaper to do that in those days.

The Garda were called Peelers. They rode bicycles but there was not the trouble in the town that there is now. The street was always very busy and people had more time to stop and chat to one another than they have now. Clanbrassil Street is now very busy with lots of shops, restaurants, banks and shopping centres and traffic is non stop on the road.

By Sarah  


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