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Dundalk Fire Station.

My name is Niall. When fire occurs people dial 999 and ask the operator for the fire brigade. The caller gives the name and address of the house or building that is on fire.The fire men get into action, they put on their fire suits and jump into the fire engines.

They put on the sirens so nobody will block their way. When they reach the fire they pull out all the hoses and connect them to the part of the engine where the water is stored to deliver water to the fire.

When I visit the fire station I watch the fire men practice fire drills, sometimes they light fires and extinguish them for practices.

I like to sit on the Merryweather fire engine which is a very old engine and has been in Dundalk station since 1933.Many of the older fire engines which were horse- drawn are now in the transport museum. I like looking at the old paintings in the fire station.





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