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The Green Church.

On Thursday our teacher Ms O' Donoghue took us to the Green Church.

We walked up through the town, the Green Church was built in the 13th century. In 1348 St. Richard of Dundalk preached his first sermon on Good Friday.

One of the main features of this Church is the Stain Glass window in the East wall. There were very valuable stained windows broken there last year. There used to be three Alters.

The church-yard has many noble graves. Here are some of them.

Agnes Galt the sister of Robbie Burns is buried there.

James Bayton was one of the Engineers of the Boyne Viaduct.

Henry Mc Clintock, the father of Admiral Sir Leopold Mc Clintock, the Arctic Explorer.

The last man to be killed in a duel in Ireland is buried here. The oldest tomb is that of Thomas Feld and dates from 1536.

By Rachel



On Thursday our teacher took us to the green church.

Its real name is St. Nicholas' Parish Church.

It was built about in the 13th century.

It has changed down the years.

In 1954 a chapel of St. Richard was constructed.

One of the main features of this church is the stain glass window in the East wall.

The oldest plate is that of the Virgin and Child and dates from 1475.

Hugh Smith took us out side to look at the graves and told us about them.

The churchyard has many notable graves. At the grave Hugh was saying that people could be buried where they wanted to. Hugh told us about the three alters and about the smashed glass.

By Niall  


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