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The Old Louth Hospital.


The old Louth hospital replaced the original infirmary at 50, Park Street, which was a house that was adapted for use in 1755. This house is beside the book shop where we buy our school books. It was designed by an English architect called Thomas Smith and built by James Clarke in 1832.

I went to see the red brick building and saw stone head sculptures all around the fronts of the building. These figure heads were of Rev. Elias Thackeray who was the protestant rector of Dundalk.

It had 42 beds and was equipped with every facility for operations. My great-grandfather died there in 1945.

The hospital continued to serve the town until the present hospital opened on the 3rd of July 1959. The new hospital was able to provide extra medicals, maternity and an ambulance service for Dundalk which now had a population of twenty thousand. The total number of beds was 131.

The new Hospital was 40 years old last year .We still need a children's hospital ward in Dundalk. My dad works in the Louth Hospital.





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