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Our Fun Day 1998/99!!

The Christmas Play.

When we did the Christmas play Sarah, Rachel, Aishling and I were angels.
We liked getting dressed. Rachel was the guardian angel. James and Tasmin were readers. Elizabeth was an innkeeper. Ellen was a reader too. We had a great time doing the play.


The Christmas Play

The night came for our play. I was very nervous and I guessed Mary was too. The curtains opened and the play began. The children came out and said "Jesus Christ is born by Second Class" and it started. The people and children thought it was very good but it came to the end. We all bowed three times and the people clapped.

By Claire

The Christmas Play

I was a narrator in the play.
So was my friend a narrator.
Amy C was Mary, Niall M was Joseph. Some classes came to see the play. I was nervous the first time in front of everybody so the second time was better. I enjoyed Christmas.

Our Play

I was a villager in the Christmas Play. Everyone had a part. The play went like this. "Many years ago Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. They rested in a stable for the night. Mary had a baby. Shepherds came to see him. The three kings brought him presents. At Christmas we remember Jesus.

By Rebecca

Our School Tour

The school tour

We went to a big garden for our school tour. There was a fountain that was
controlled by the sun. And then we went on a badger trail. But we never
saw a badger.Then we got a mirror and put it under our eyes, and it
seemed like we were walking in the sky. We were back just before the
bell rang. We had a great time on our school tour.


My school tour

My name is James.
I went on my school tour to Sonairte.
There was a crash in Blackrock.
We were stuck in the bus for ages!
When we got out on the main road we were flying.
It was lunch time by the time we got there.
Sonairte is an Ecology centre.
They don’t use chemicals they use organic matters to grow plants
Mrs.Conlan’s class and Mr.O`Connell’s class came with us.
We went badger trailing. We listened to the sounds around us and we wrote them down on a piece of paper.
Then we pretended to have another eye like the Cyclops.
On the way home we were singing songs on the bus.
We had a great time.

The end. James

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