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St. Patrick's Church.

St.. Patrick's Church is in Dundalk .It is a cathedral. This means it is the biggest Church in Dundalk. It is also very old.

There is a choir and an organ upstairs .Babies are baptised there. Every year First class make their Holy Communion and Sixth class make their Confirmation there.

I made my Holy Communion there .It was a very special day. I will always remember it.

My sister will make her Confirmation there. The Bishop will come to St. Patrick's on that day. There will be flags all around for his visit. Some girls from sixth serve at Mass on Sundays.

St. Patrick's is a very busy Church.




St Patrick's Cathedral..

St Patrick's Cathedral was built in 1837 by J Mc.Carthy and it cost £32,000.Over each gate at the front is a statue of St. Patrick.

The organ was built in Cork. The stained glass windows were given to the church by six people of the town and they cost £1,000. The church was paid for by the people of the town.

The bell tower was not built until 1903 in memory of John Hamill.

There are 5 bells in the tower. Bell number one is to the memory of St Patrick and it is standing there for the past 163 years.

In 1997 I made my communion in St Patrick's. All the girls had lovely communion dresses and veils. It was a fun day. After church we had a meal.




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