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Dundalk Quays are at the end of the Castletown river just before it flows into Dundalk Bay. Dundalk Bay is in the Irish Sea so boats can come up or down the Irish Sea from anywhere in the world to bring materials into or out of Dundalk Quays. Dundalk Quay is a tidal port which means that there is only water at the Quays when the tide is in. The differences between high tide and low tide is twelve hours. This means that boats can only come into or go out from the Quay at high tides. Just now most of the material that comes by boat into Dundalk is animals feed such as corn, gluten, soya bean and maize. The most common material that goes out on the boats is turf. Other imports are coal, E.S.B. poles and timber. Exports are quarry stones and old railway sleepers. Across from where the boats berth or tie up or moor there is a large area of swampy land where a large number of wild birds like swans, ducks and geese nest . The new Dundalk bypass road crosses the Castle Town river over a new bridge called The Táin Bridge just up river from where the ships dock or tie up. A new pub called the Spirit Store has just opened on Dundalk Quay and the jolly sailors have to be very careful going back to their ships.




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