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One day in autumn I was walking through the forest.

I saw lots of different kinds of coloured leaves like gold, red and brown. Then I saw squirrels getting ready for winter. I called for my best friend Jenny. We had lots of fun with the leaves. We cleaned our doorstep because there were leaves all over the place. Then I took Jenny to the forest and showed Jenny where the squirrels were. A squirrel took a big handful of acorns and buried them near a tree and the second squirrel did the same. Jenny and I had lots of fun but soon it was dark and we had to go home.

By: Nicole 




On halloween night my friends and I went trick or treating all around my street. We got lots of money and fruit like apples, pears, oranges and peanuts. I was dressed up as a witch. My friends were dressed up as witches and vampires. Then we went into my house and had a little party. Then we played games like we put money in an apple tart. We put grapes and we cut up little bits of apple and got a basin and put them in it and dunked our heads in it. We pinned an apple to the ceiling and tried to put our heads up and tried to get it. We played lots of other games. Then we went out trick or treating for another wee while. We came in and we counted our money. But then it was time for my friends to go home. We had a great night.







In summer there are lots of flowers and plants growing. One of the flowers I can think of is bluebells. There are lots of birds coming back. Some birds go near the crops where they think it is safe. It was safe in the old days ,the birds could get away because the farmer went around himself cutting the crops but now the tractors are much faster and the birds get killed. There is a weed called the ragwort and it kills all the crops and plants.There are all different grasses for different cattle. Every farmer has a fertiliser that helps them grow.

The insect the gardener likes is the ladybird because it eats the greenfly. The greenfly eats the plants and the gardener also hates the caterpillars because they eat plants.






In the summer the mother duck.

shows her young ducklings how

to get food .You can see the lovely

flowers up our field. We can see the

fox with her young cubs . The ladybird

eats all the green fly and ants.

But most of all I love to get my

school holidays for the summer.

The End.







Hurray! Hurray! Summer is here.We are getting our Summer holidays for the months of July and August. I can't wait to go on my holidays to Spain on the 31stof July.

The Farmer likes the Ladybird but it does not like the caterpillar. The otter is teaching it's cubs to fish. The grass is growing fast and the mornings are short and we have a long evenings.

In Summer Daddy puts up the swings. Sometimes we go away on a long trip.In Summer it is my birthday on the 26th of July.





Halloween is on the 31st of October.

Some people say that all the witches come out on that night. When it gets dark we dress up our costumes and we go and play trick or treat with our friends.

This year I am dressing up as the bad man in the film scream and my sister is dressing up like a witch. When we are finished I am going to my daddy's to see his firework display. I hope I have a great night and get a lot of treats.

by: Christopher


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