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Protected Monuments & Superdump Plans


Letter of December 29th 2000 to President Mary McAleese

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For those who may experience difficulty reading the scanned version of the letter dated December 29th 2000 immediately below, the text of this letter is given in the section with the green background further down this page.
Letter of December 29th 2000 to President Mary McAleese
Attachment slips with the information contained in this section were stapled to all five copies of the letters sent through the registered post to the addresses shown below.

Please note:

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November 21st 1999 Protest Walk

To: Media & Politicians

The site earmarked for SUPERDUMP at CROSS is in the middle of a cluster of ancient CELTIC MONUMENTS surrounding the world famous TUROE STONE: which is arguably the most important piece of pre-Christian Celtic stone art in existence. (The Turoe Stone itself is just 2 miles from Cross.)

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For further information please see Local Community Internet web site:
No capital letters, no spaces, and no "www" in above Internet address.

Copies of registration slips for above letters - all posted on December 29th 2000


Mr. William Finnerty
"St Albans", New Inn,
Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

December 29th 2000


President Mary McAleese
Áras an Uachtaráin
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8.

Dear President McAleese,


Thank you for your letter of December 21st 2000 confirming receipt of my earlier correspondence to you.

I realise that you do not have executive functions. Nevertheless, the following statement appears in the official web site of the Department of Foreign Affairs at the Internet location
"The Constitution, however, envisages the President as more than a ceremonial Head of State. It gives the President certain powers that make the President in effect the guardian of the Constitution."

As indicated in my Email of November 30th 2000 to the Minister of Environment and Local Government (Mr. Noel Dempsey T.D.), it seems to me that the destruction of Site 93 (i.e. the Children’s Burial Ground in New Inn) constitutes a straightforward and serious breach of Article 28a of the Constitution; and, as the Internet extract above clearly indicates that a major part of the job you are paid to do as President is to police the Constitution, I am very puzzled as to why you seem to believe that you have no responsibilities at all regarding the destructive and disturbing matters I have related to you in connection with Site 93 and the Cairn at Alloon?

I do not intend to write to you again regarding the destruction of Site 93, or the severe damage to the Cairn at Alloon: both caused by Galway County Council. I feel I have now provided you, Prime Minister Ahern, and the Government Ministers with enough factual information for you to address the various problems effectively. Despite the letter to me of November 2nd from Prime Minister Ahern’s Office, and my Email reminder of November 30th to Minister Noel Dempsey, please note that I have not heard anything at all from Mr Dempsey.

If you do not now exercise your duty promptly as guardian of the Constitution, I suspect that further environmental type breaches of Article 28a will occur in the New Inn area. Recent articles in two local weekly newspapers (The Galway Advertiser, and The Connacht Tribune) strongly suggest that pressures are at present rapidly rising in connection with waste disposal issues in County Galway. Also, the road work suddenly carried out at Cross (near New Inn) some months ago (referred to in paragraph 6 of my letter of October 26th 2000 to Prime Minister Ahern) suggests the possible presence of panic: because the decision to carry out this road work appears to have pre-judged the outcome of court cases which I understand have not yet taken place?

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Galway County Council have left a string of eye sores on the remaining landscape along the mile long (or so) section of the prehistoric Esker Riada ridge (and roadway) which they removed from New Inn. These eye sores are still there for all to see - several years after the damage was done. Far more revealing perhaps is the fact that Galway County Council appear to have no plans whatsoever to try to make good this hefty piece of damage which they have inflicted upon the local environment and the local people, and on Ireland’s heritage and its history.

I would be very grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this letter within the coming 14 days please.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. William Patrick Finnerty.

COPIES (via registered post) TO:
Prime Minister (Mr. B. Ahern T.D.)
Attorney General (Mr. Michael McDowell)
Editor of The Galway Advertiser (Mr. Ronnie O’ Gorman)
Editor of The Connacht Tribune (Mr. John Cunningham).

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"Ah how shameless - the way these mortals blame the gods.
  From us alone, they say, come all their miseries, yes,
  but they themselves, with their own reckless ways,
  compound their pains beyond their proper measure."

The above words were spoken by Zeus, who (to the ancient Greeks) was the father of all the gods: or, the God of gods.

Homer (Odyssey - Book I, lines 37 to 40).

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