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Sun Mu-Zen Dance Technique & Therapy
by Son-ok Yi, Sun-Ock Lee

Paperback: 280 pages (November 20, 2001)
Jimoondang International; ISBN: 8988095456 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
The purpose of Korean Sun (Zen) Buddhism is to find one's true self to attain enlightenment and to end the suffering of mankind. Sun Mu-Zen dance, more than just expressing aesthetic beauty, is a preparation for attaining the goal of enlightenment. As such, Zen dance has adopted the basic disciplines of Buddhism along with the basic techniques of enlightenment exists beyond words and concepts, a number of very definite and specific exercises have been developed to give people the correct mind/ body alignment to enter the enlightened state. In this book, the author discusses the philosophy and principles of Sun Mu; the basic techniques, including tanjun breathing, emotional control and improvisation, the yin-yang theory in Sun Mu; the attitude of a Sun Mu dancer; and Sun Mu dance therapy, which in addition to being beneficial to good exercise, serves as a rehabilitation practice for those with spinal problems as well.

Language Notes
Text: Korean, English


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