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Books about
Rolando Toro's Biodanza ™

  1. Mind Body Spirit Hd (2002)
  2. Biodanza, sistema Rolando Toro : La danse de la vie (1998)

Mind Body Spirit Hd
by Jane Alexander

Hardcover: 256 pages (October 2002)
Carlton; ISBN: 1842222678

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References to biodanza and rolando toro in this book
1. on Page 148:
"... dance have been specifically designed to produce a deep therapeutic effect on mind and body. One of my favourites is Biodanza. biodanza While most dancing leaves you totally exhausted, Biodanza leaves you bouncing with boundless energy. It can take away stress ..."
2. on Page 150:
"... MIND AND EMOTIONS South America, Switzerland, Italy and France, Biodanza is used not just for general wellbeing, but also as a specific therapy for people with eating disorders, those with ..."
3. from Back Matter:
"... DANCE THERAPY London SE25 6WF (020 8251 7912) Consultations and workshops. Biodanza UK, 48 Clifford Avenue, MASSAGE The Feng Shui Network International, London SW 14 7BP (020 8392 1433) Represents 13 ..."
4. from Index:
"... Bahd i faith 162 bardos (transition periods) 190 bath rituals 175, 177 behavioural psychotherapy 114 BEST (bio-energetic synchronization technique) 201 biodanza 148, 150 biodynamic therapy 125-6 bioenergetics/bioenergetic therapy 116 blessings 178 body brushing 65, 65 bodywork 125 biodynamic therapy 125-6 SHEN' ..."
5. from Back Cover:
"... is aCARLON Book technique • aromatherapy • art therapy • aura reading • autogenic training • ayurveda • Biodanza • biodynamic psychotherapy blessings and graces • Bowen technique • breathing • chakras • chavutti thirumal • chi kung • ..."

1. on Page 148:
"... a therapy and Biodanza's practitioners certainly don't like to tout it as a cure. Its creator, Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro, came up with the idea for Biodanza back in 96o. He wanted to reintroduce a dance that could express deep ..."
2. on Page 150:
"... a 'good' dancer. There is no 'correct' way of doing exercises. The point is to find your own dance. As Rolando Toro puts it: 'Our proposal is to dance to our own life. To retrieve the condition of being the owners of ..."

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Biodanza, sistema Rolando Toro : La danse de la vie
by Paule Roulin , Farida Benet

Paperback: 92 pages (March 30, 1996)
Publisher: Recto Verseau; ISBN: 288343106X

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