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The Once And Future King Of Britain


Arthur, The Once and Future King of Britain was the son of Igraine and Uther Pendragon. He spent his formative years in the care of Ector and under the watchful eye of Myrddin. Upon Uthers death the country plunged into chaos, Arthur succeeded his father by being the only person able to draw the fabled sword from the stone. At Camelot he founded The Knights Of The Round Table, and after many years finally brought peace to the land. At The Battle Of Camlaan he faced his illegitimate son Mordred who mortally wounded him. He was brought to Avalon on a black barge. Some say he never died and will one day return to lead his country. To see an example of our cards please click here To buy "Arthur" as a Print or Card please go to our Order Form To learn more about Arthur take a look at our reading list.
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