Goddesses of the Mabinogion



Branwen,the daughter of Llyr who was given to Matholwch,a High king of Ireland in marriage. When her brother Efnissien insulted the King he forced her to forsake her title as Queen and sent her to work in the castle kitchens for three years. Branwen befriended a starling and sent it to her brother Bran in Wales with a message of her imprisonment. Bran led a fleet across The Irish Sea to rescue his sister. In the ensuing battle Efnissien killed Branwens son Gwern. When she saw the destruction caused because of her, she died of a broken heart. she was buried on the banks of the river Alaw in Anglesey. The river then became known as Ynys Branwen. To see an example of our cards please click here To buy "Branwen" as a print or card please go to our order form To learn more about " Branwen" take a look at our reading list.
 Arianrhod Rhiannon Branwen



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