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Oisin, a great Bard and warrior was the son of Fionn Mac Cumhail and the Goddess Sadbh. Whilst out on a hunt with the Fianna he saw Niamh riding a horse with silver hooves and a golden mane. When questioned she told him she had come a long way to bring him to her fathers land. Blinded by love,Oisin followed her to Tir na n'Og. He stayed with her in The Land of Eternal Youth for three hundred years, a time that felt like three weeks to him. When he asked to return to his father in Erin, Niamh offered him her horse and made him promise that he would never step on to the ground. Upon his return the girth slipped and he fell to the earth an old man, no longer preserved in the eternal youth of the otherworld. To buy "Oisin & Niamh" as a print or card please go to our order form. To learn more about "Oisin & Niamh" take a look at our reading list.
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