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Diarmuid & Grainne

Grainne was betrothed to Fionn Mac Cumhail, but at the feast before their wedding she fell in love with Diarmuid. She cast a spell over the party and placed a gease on Diarmuid to run away with her. When Fionn awoke he vowed that the two lovers would never be allowed to sleep for two consecutive nights under the same roof. After pursuing the couple for sixteen years, Fionn finally made his peace with them. They set up home near him at Tara and had four sons and a daughter. Whilst out hunting Diarmuid was wounded by a wild boar, Fionn refused to give him a sip of a healing drink. Diarmuid subsequently died and Grainne swore revenge. Fionn however began to woo her and she eventually agreed to become his wife To see an example of our cards please click here To buy "Diarmuid & Grainne" as a print or card please go to our order form. To learn more about "Diarmuid & Grainne" take a look at our reading list.
 Deirdre & Naoise Oisin & Niamh Diarmuid & Grainne



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