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The Goldcrest (Cíorbhuí) 30p

Barn OwlThe Goldcrest is Ireland's and Europe's smallest bird, less than 10 cm. long and weighs about 5 grams. Most people think the smallest bird is the wren, as you will see it more often, but it is not, it's the goldcrest. In spite of its size it is known to travel non-stop over 500 kms. between Scandinavia and Britain. They are very common in coniferous forests. Its feathers are greenish and sort of white underneath and there are black and white marks on the wings.

The male has a flash of orange on the top of his head, with a black border.

The female has a flash of yellow on the top of her head, with a black border.

The call is a thin mouse like squeak and its song is not nice to listen to, as it sounds the same. They are plentiful all over Ireland and thousands come to Ireland in the autumn from Britain and the continent of Europe.

The stamp was issued in Phase 3 on April 2nd. 1998

Written by --: Edward Battye

Click on the stamp to hear the sound of the bird