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We include below some of our favourite links. We have divided them into two sections, one for pupils and another for teachers. These links will be updated on a regular basis so do drop back and you might find something that excites you.

Pupils Links --:

This is a brilliant directory to start on. Just Click and away you go. Check out the mammals
If you want to search for something interesting, look no further. A brilliant site


Need we say anymore!
League Champions,
F. A. Cup Holders, and Champions of Europe.
Go on be a red devil?

Teachers Links --:

Get up to date information on what is going on in Head Office of the biggest Teacher Union in Ireland

This superb site in where every teacher must explore.There is a wealth of information and links contained in this recently re-vamped site. Bookmark it !

So you want to know what software is being currently being used in Irish Primary schools? Look no further.