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The Life of Edmund Rice

Founder of the Irish Christian Brothers

cover.gif (35821 bytes)Our school is called after Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. The Irish Christian Brothers ran the school until there departure from the town in 1993.Edmund Rice founded the Irish Christian Brothers in Waterford city. From here they spread throughout the world and to-day members of the community  can now be found on all the five continents. Edmund was forty when he sold all he had and started his first school in a stable in New Street , Waterford. His wife had died thirteen years before and in the meantime had become a very wealthy man. One does not change ones whole life over a short period of time.It took Edmund many years to make his final decision to start a teaching community.He is a role model form us all to-day as he put the welfare of others before himself. His remains are in a casket in Mount Sion, Waterford

Here is the story of this saintly man.