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Edmund Rice Primary School

Aerial view of SchoolThe present school was build in 1970. Before that there was a Primary school across the playground which is now been used by the Secondary. The school was once called C.B.S. Primary, which stands for Christian Brothers School. The last Christian Brother in the school  was Br. A. Rochford. He left the school in 1993, ending a 121 year link with the town and Mr. Prenter became the new Principal.

We then had to come up with a new name for the school. So a competition was held amongst all the pupils and we were asked to suggest a new name for the school and design a crest. The winning design was presented by Ken Smith. His winning design is based on the Christian Brothers own crest .which he modified to show the new school name and on top there is a small seahorse to indicate the link with Tramore. You can read the story of this famous ship else where on this site.  


Old section of Secondary SchoolIt wasdecided to call the school after the founder  the Irish Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice to maintain the link with the order.  Our school uniform was then changed. The C.B.S. uniform was a wine coloured jumper, tie, a light blue shirt and grey pants. The Edmund Rice uniform is a navy pants and a light blue T-shirt and no tie. Our new school crest is on our jumpers and t-shirts. It is based on the C.B.S. crest with a "Seahorse"  to show the link with the town. 


Old Brothers MonasteryOur school is an unusual shape. It is a nine sided figure called a nonagon (I think). There are 8 classrooms and 7 teachers and a pre-school teacher. There is one teacher for each class and one Remedial teacher. There are 161 boys in this school. There are no girls, they go to the convent. The monastery up to recently was being used by an order of nuns, who helped out in the Community Care on Pond Road. They prepared the meals for the "Meals on Wheels". Many old people around Tramore were able to get a hot dinner each day. The monastery was demolished last April because of its poor condition. The site is now leveled but this is what it looked like when it was there. Many people in the town were sad to see the old building, which had stood on the spot for so long demolished.

Computers -:
We used to have a computer room but because we needed extra space, the machines were put into the classrooms. I prefer to have them in the rooms, as we can then use them when we want. We started off with BBC Master machines and then moved to Acorn A3000 machines. We then moved to the PC platform and our current school stock of computers consists of  5 x 286 machines, 4 x 386, 3 x 486, and 4 x  Pentiums. We also have scanner and a digital camera.

Here is a list of the classes for this school year 1999/2000

We have a Office, a Staff-room, a Phone-room, a Store-room and a cleaning-room. Mrs. Carmel   Kennedy is our school secretary in the mornings and Mrs. Mary O'Sullivan comes in in the afternoons. Mrs. Tracey Howlett cleans the school every evening. We try and keep the place tidy but sometimes the place is in a mess especially after art or when we plant seeds. The Doctor and the nurse visit a few times a year to check that we are all healthy.  hate when she comes t give injections. We also have a visit from the dentist Mrs. O'Leary and her assistant Breda. She is always telling us to look after our teeth properly.

We are an "Information Age School". There are only fifty such schools in all of Ireland. We do a lot of work on computers. You can read some of it on other parts of this site. Mr. O'Neachtain helped us a lot with this website. He is always fixing computers. There is always something going on in this school so call back again and see what's new.

Written by  -:                                      

Kieran Gallagher and David Carroll.