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The Kingfisher (Cruidín) 10p

KingfisherThe kingfisher is a litter bigger than the robin. The kingfisher is a very colourful bird. Its colours are shades of blue and green on the top parts and orange on the under parts. Its bill is long for a bird of its size. It uses its peak to catch small fish with. The kingfisher has not a short tail.

The kingfisher dives in to the rivers or lakes to catch food with its beak. It then eats the food or brings it back to its nest usually near the riverbank.

It is found in most parts of Ireland. I would love to see a real one. The kingfisher is not big at all. Its small feet are bright red. The kingfisher is a part my name.My second name is King.I have only seen pictures and a video of them.

Kingfishers make their nest in riverbanks and burrows. It is smaller than many people expect. The kingfisher is hard to see despite its bright colours. They hatch after 19 -21 days and the young fly between 3- 4 weeks old.

The stamp was issued in Phase 2 on August 27th. 1997.

Written by-- Luke King.

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Click on the stamp to listen to the bird sound