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The Pheasant (Piasún) 46p

Though not a native species to Ireland, the pheasant was introduced to Ireland by the Normans in the 12th. century. The Pheasant is considered by most hunters as the game bird of Ireland. It  has acclimatised well to Irish conditions and breeds throughout the country, though the population is sparse on the exposed moorlands of west Galway, Mayo and Donegal, and also parts of Antrim plateau and the Mourne Mountains.

It is the largest of Ireland's game birds.The wild population has for many years been added to by the release of very large numbers of captive-bred birds, the production of which was until recently aided by government grants. However, recent research has shown that these captive-reared birds have a poor survival rate, and those that do survive have low breeding success.

Issued on October 5th. 1989 as part of the "Flora and Fauna" Series.                 

Written by --: Christopher Kirk

             Click on the stamp to hear the sound of the bird