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Wood Pigeon( Colm Coille) 5p

Barn OwlThe Wood Pigeon is the most common pigeon in Ireland. It is the  most widespread,and largest Pigeon in this country.It is easily recognised by its large size and smallishhead and it’ soft grey feathers.As with other normal Pigeon it has pink feet. You would hear a Wood Pigeon by it’s unmistakable soft cooing noise it makes throughout the year.

Large flocks feed together on roadsides, in fields and they roost in the woods.They live almost anywhere in the country, especially in fields with crops in them. In autumn when farmers are at the harvest you will see lots of them along the roadside as they feed on the wheat or oats that the farmer is cutting.

The Wood Pigeon is a vegetarian, which means he doesn't eat the meat of other animals and all his food is based on plants.They feed on seeds and cabbages and pick at privet hedges along the roadside.

We often see racing pigeons in Tramore. Trucks come down from Northern Ireland full of racing pigeons and park in the car park near the dump. At a given signal the small hatches on the sides of the lorries are opened and the hundreds of birds take off into the air. They then have to find their way back to their homes and the fastest is the winner. Sometimes some of them get confused and never leave Tramore. 
I would love to know how they know their way back to their homes, would'nt you ?

The stamp was issued in Phase 3 on April 2nd. 1998.

Researched and Written by --: Patrick Mac Auliffe

Click on the stamp to listen to the bird sound