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The Robin (An Spideog) 32p

CorncrakeThe Robin stays in Ireland all year round.He is about 3 inches high.The robin is a greyish bird with a red breast. You would see the robin usually on the windowsill. He is a friendly bird.

It is know as the robin red breast.The Robin eats berries, fruit and worms.He nests in stone walls, bushes or riverbanks.The nest is made from dead leaves and moss and is lined with hairs.

The female robin lays about five or six eggs,which are white in colour with reddish spots.The robin has a thin pointed beak, which he uses to  catch worms. When my Grandad is digging the garden the robin often hops around looking for a juicy worms.

               Follow this link to learn more about the robin

The stamp was issued in Phase 1 on January 16th. 1997.

Written by --: Patrick Dunphy

Click on the stamp to listen to the bird sound