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Teal ( Praslacha ) 32p

Barn OwlThe teal is the smallest duck found in Ireland. It flies with very fast wingbeats and can rise very quickly from the water when alarmed. It is a colourful bird and though not very common it is a resident all year round. The head is copper and green and the body is greyish in colour with fine markings. 

But the most obvious markings on the water are the white horizontal stripe on the side and the cream undertail patches.The duck is a dowdy brown. It is found in fresh water marshes and on lake shores.You will find them in many parts of the country, though they are scarce in numbers. Most of the teal in Ireland come here from Britain and the continent of Europe and they spend the winter here.

Flocks of hundreds are found in such places as the Wexford Slobs. When there is a hard winter on the continent of Europe, their numbers in Ireland increase, as our winters are not as harsh.

It is hard to know what type of duck is on ths stamp as the name is written in Latin for bird experts and in Irish for the brainy fellows. I had to look up a book on birds to find out that they were Teal.

Issued on May 23rd, 1998 as part of the "Flora and Fauna " Series.

Written by --: Gilbert Minto

                Click on the stamp to hear the sound of the bird