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Song Thrush(Smólach) 45p

Barn OwlThere are two species of thrush, the mistle thrush and the song thrush.The song thrush appears on this stamp. The mistle thrush is bigger than the song thrush. The song thrush eats worms/insects and snails. The song thrush is smaller then the blackbird. The song thrush lays 4 to 5 sky-blue eggs with black spots. The song thrush lives garden/parks/woods and high hedges and the mistle thrush lives in woods/gardens/parks and bushy hillsides. Thrushes stay in Ireland all year around.

The length of the song thrush is about 22 cm.
The young song thrush flies when it is about two weeks old. The song thrush builds its nest in a low bush or amongst ivy. The mistle thrush is shyer then the song thrush.

The song thrush is a beautiful singer and its song is loud and can by heard far away and is always different. They are not as plentiful as they used to be because of farmers using sprays and chemicals.

The stamp was issued in Phase 3 on April 2nd. 1998.

Written by --: Donal Cowman

            Click on the stamp to hear the sound of the bird