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Declan scoops first place in Ireland --:                      

Mr. John Hynes,Chief Executive "An Post",Mrs Nuala McKenna,Tessie Tree,me and George of the jungle at the G.P.O. in Dublin collecting my prizes.

My name is Declan McKenna.This is me(holding the picture) getting my prize in the G.P.O. in Dublin. I am in second class this year. I am in Mrs Maloney’s class. I won first prize in Ireland for an art competition. At last the day came. It was Thursday, October 14th,1999 and I was going to the Head Office of “An Post” in the G.P.O. in Dublin. I won a prize in a colouring competition and was going to the presentation. 

Mammy woke me up at 6.30 am and we went to Waterford to get on the Dublin train. We had no school as this was a special day for us. My brother             did not come and he went off to school. We had our breakfast on the train. We arrived in Dublin at 10.00 am.We took the No. 79 bus to O'Connell St. We went shopping and then headed for the G.P.O. It was now 12 noon.  We were met by two clowns who made us laugh.  One clown was dressed up as a tree because Coillte sponsored the prizes, which is the organisation, which looks after all the forests in Ireland. She was called Tessie Tree. There was also a man dressed up in a funy costume , like  you would see  fellows in the jungle and he was called "George of the Jungle". We had a choice of drinks and then Mr.
John Hynes, the head of "An Post" presented all the winners with their prizes.

There were prizewinners there from all over the counrty and in different age sections. I was delighted to hear that I was the overall winner in the under 8 section and that I was also the overall national winner of the whole competition. I won a bicycle for myself, and a weekend away for my family in a forest park. I also won a day out for my class in a wood. We have to decide where we want to go. Our teacher says it is too cold at the moment to go on the trip. we will have to wait until Springtime or Summer when the weather will be a bit warmer. 
                                                          All the prizewinners together

She will go away for a weekend somewhere in Ireland and stay in a hotel. I also won a crystal trophy for the school and a holiday voucher for my teacher. We had our lunch in the G.P.O. Then it was time to go home. We took the bus back to the station. The train left at 6.25.pm. We arrived back in Waterford at 9.00.pm. It was a brilliant day
I was made feel special the next day as I went to all the classes to show off the prizes.My brother                came first two years ago in hism age group, but I came first in Ireland
Written by --:
Declan McKenna