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Voyager Stamp Club

What is it ? --:                       voyager5.gif (10487 bytes)

The Voyager Stamp Club is a groovy collectors club run by An Post here in Ireland. Since it started in 1991, it has been a huge success. At present there are over 150,000 young people have signed up as members and the numbers continue to grow. It is open to any young person from 5 years upwards to join.

What do you get  ? --:

When you join you get an amazing "Collectors Kit" which contains almost everything you will need to enjoy this great hobby.

  • a fabulous A4 ring binder
  • a "Members only" card
  • a magnifying glass
  • a handy tweezers
  • a Voyager pen
  • a bumper pack of 100 stamps
  • a set of colourful sticker
  • Voyager Club Newsletter
  • a Collectors case

How much does it cost ?   --:

The membership fee is 7.95( Irish Punts), if you pay by cheque or postal order or international money order. As an incentive to Irish collectors, membership only costs 7.00 if postage stamps are used. (i.e. 5.00 and 2.00 stamps), thus saving 95p on this already great value offer from An Post.

How do I  join ?   --:

If you live in Ireland you can usually pick up an membership form at your local Post Office or contact -:

The Voyager Stamp Club,    Room 2 -232        
Philatelic Section,

Phone  353- 1 - 7057141
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