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The Open Channel Television Company Limited ( T.V.Base )

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Open Channel TV Base believes that Community Television provides a forum for the voiceless. It is a tool of democracy and equality. Poverty and marginalisation can cause an effective loss of voice for those who live in a consumer society. Empowering people is about choice. Community Television is about giving people access to facilities, training and the means of transmission. Equal access for all means a levelling of barriers to allow greater freedom of expression.

Open Channel was set up in 1990 as a not for profit community development organisation dedicated to the establishment of a Community Television service in Ireland. Its aim is to promote community based television by developing the necessary infrastructures, training strategies and information networks which will form the backbone of Community Television in Ireland.

Since its inception Open Channel has established links with Community Television groups and stations internationally as well as with groups and individuals interested in Community Television and video in Ireland. Open Channel is part of a movement of similar organisations dedicated to the promotion of Community Television and video as a tool for community development through the World.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote Community Access TV as powerful tool in Community Development.
  • To promote the use of video as an accessible and potent medium for conducting developmental and issue based work with young people.
  • To empower young people through the development of an audio-visual literacy, with the means, ability and desire to
    communicate effectively and equally within the society in which they live.
  • To maximise the potential for learning from the broad range of experiences of those involved in the sue of video, in community and youth context, throughout Ireland.
  • To make contact with and provide information to community and voluntary groups, county arts officers etc. on community television.
  • To research and develop the infrastructure necessary for community television.
  • To support the development of a network of community based television producers.
  • To establish a database of available resources for organisations interested in Community Television.
  • To further develop our archive of community programmes.


We call for the establishment of an independent and autonomous community access television network...
Statement of Principles

Various events and projects that O.C.T.V. organised and\or participated in.
Selected Key Events / Assignments

Teic Eile 97 was the second in what the organisers hope will be an on-going annual event, offering week-long residential workshops in audio visual production to young people aged 18-22 yrs.
Teic Eile

Digital production and post production technologies are more widespread in the television and film industry, although high quality analogue equipment will continue to be in use for some time.
Move It

TV Training Courses run by Open Channel taking place at 59 Merrion Sq., Dublin 2,
TV Training Courses

Anyone Can Make TV
A Community Television Production Handbook

Links to Community Access Television sites

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The Open Channel Television Company
59, Merrion Square,
Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel + 353 1 6620950 Fax + 353 1 6620950
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