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Deirdre was the most beautiful woman in Ulster. She was promised to King Conchobar but fell in love with Naoise, a warrior of the Red Branch. She put a gease on him to take her away from the King. They fled to Alba, where they lived for many happy years. Fergus was sent by King Conchobar to bring them home, but they were betrayed on their return. Once on Ulsters soil the King sent a band of warriors to kill Naoise. He then married Deirdre but soon tired of her hatred towards him so he gave her to Eoghan, the warrior who had slain Naoise. Unable to bear the hearbreak any longer she threw herself from his chariot. She was buried next to Naoise and from each grave grew solitary pines that met and entwined above the lovers. To buy "Deirdre and Naoise" as a print or card please go to our order form To learn more about "Deirdre And Naoise" take a look at our reading list
 Deirdre & Naoise Oisin & Niamh Diarmuid & Grainne

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