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What is Planner Harassment?

In our complex technical environment there are many opportunities for a competent Planner to be the subject of planning harassment. Sometimes it can be so subtle that you may not even be aware you are being harassed. Worse yet, you may inadvertently harass another Planner by accident.

Following are some guidelines to help you determine if you are being harassed as a Planner.

If you are repeatedly asked the same technical question you may be the victim of technical harassment. While it is most common to be asked the question repeatedly within the same conversation, some instances have been identified of habitual planner harassment. Habitual planner harassment is not uncommon and has been known to exhibit group tendencies where members of a group may ask the same question repeatedly. Untreated, these instances of group planner harassment can continue for years.   Politicians and only to a slightly lesser degree, the legal profession, have been particularly identified as sources of planner harassment

If you are asked a technical question by a non-technical person and they do not write your answer down it is likely the question is frivolous. Most non-technical people are not capable of remembering a true technical planning answer for more than 30 seconds.

If you are forced into a discussion where a person uses more than three (3) buzzwords in one sentence the person is most likely a fake and you are the unwitting victim of planner harassment. One note of caution, competent technical planners have been known to inadvertently use buzzwords after reading mindless drivel like "PleanŠil" or "Planning Journal". If the person has been known to use more common technical terms in the past such as "stuff" and "things", they are most likely a victim of planner magazine brainwashing.

If during a troubleshooting session a person uses the term "sustainable", for example, "maybe we could convince the public into thinking our plan is sustainable"; this is a sure sign of technical harassment.

If a person explains that a needed bit of information for making a decision will be provided by a developer and that person is non-technical then you are at risk of being technically harassed. If you believe that person, you have definitely been technically harassed. If you don't believe them you have only been technically annoyed.

If when trying to resolve a technical problem with a proposal from a developer and you are advised to call the architect that designed the proposal, you are most likely being set up for technical harassment. It is a common reaction for a non-technical person when they have proposed a development to involve another non-planning person. The dialogue between two non compatible technical people however usually provides some sense of comfort in that the planner isn't the only one who is confused; in fact, the planner is invariably the least confused as planner harassment is easy to recognise in such a situation.

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