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Welcome to my website.

I'm a maths and physics teacher in Ireland and this site is for the benefit of my pupils.

I hope to post some of my class notes here, where my students and anyone else who wants to, can avail of them.

I'm starting small with some maths and physics notes but pretty soon I hope to have a big useful site put together.

So here goes .......

Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences & Series (18 March 1999)
Sigma Notation for summation of series Sequences & Series (8th April 1999)
Mathematical Sites on the Net.... (18 March 1999)
Linear Inequalities (16th Sept 1997)
Maxima & Minima (20th September 1997)
Kepler's Laws (Now with annimation!!!) (Revised 7th November 1997)
Circles (Co-ordinate Geometry) (28th September 1997)
Biographies of some famous physicists (30th September 1997)
Measurement of the wavelength of monochromatic light (1st October 1997)
Measurement of the wavelength of monochromatic light using Young's Slits (21st October 1997)
Newton's Second Law (10th December 1997)
20 essential integral types for L.C. Honours Maths (10th October 1997)
Leaving Certificate Applied Maths 1995 Q.1 Hons (20th October 1999)
Leaving Certificate Applied Maths 1997 Q.1 Hons (1st November 1999)

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