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Celtic Art

The Children of Lir   by Lauren G.


The Children of Lir

The children of  Lir had a lovely life
Until their father’s wife died.
The children were heart broken.
They had a hard life for a while
But their Father remarried.
The woman hated the children
with all her heart.
So much that she turned them into swans.

  They had to spend
300 years on their lake
300 years on  the stormy sea of  Moyle
And 300 years on Lake Derravaragh..
When they heard a church bell
the spell was broken and they died.

Lauren G.

The salmon of Knowledge

My picture is when Fionn goes to the river Boyne to learn the six books of poetry.  One day, when Finnegus was fishing in the River Boyne he caught the Salmon of Knowledge.  Finnegus set up a fire and put the Salmon of Knowledge on a stick to cook over the fire.  Finnegus told Fionn not to touch the Salmon  of  Knowledge.  But then he saw a blister on the salmon he put his finger on it to burst it.  When he did this he burned his finger and he put it in his mouth to cool it.  Just then Finnegus came out and said you have all the Knowledge in the world.  You need me to teach you nothing.

 Louise F.

The Salmon of Knowledge   by Louise F.




Celtic Warrior   by Úna B.

Séan Mac Nab

  My picture is a warrior from na FiannaHis name is Séan  Mac Nab.  The Fianna were the Kings warriors.  They fought for the King but when there were no wars they hunted in the great woods that surrounded the castle.  Séan loved hunting but most of all he loved to make weapons and spears for na Fianna when they were battling and hunting.

One day Na Fianna were called upon to fight, but alas, they had no weapons.  Suddenly Séan burst out ”I can make weapons” and he did .  He speedily made enough weapons for the whole of Na Fianna.  They confidently won the war and Séan returned a hero.

Úna B.

The Evil Spirit

My picture is called the evil spirit.  It came every year to destroy the kings castle.  No one could kill it because it made magic music that put them to sleep.  Then Fionn came along and killed him with a magic spear.   Fionn was then allowed to join the Fianna.  And the dragon was never seen again.

Chloe B.

The Evil Spirit by Chloe B.

McCumhaill by Katie V.


This is a picture of McCumhaill.  .He was a very brave warrior.  The king had a group of warriors to protect the kingdom.   They were called the Fianna.   To be in the Fianna a boy had to say six  books of poetry and defend himself from seven spears with only one spear.   McCumhaill was once a great leader of the fianna.

Katie V.


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