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The Ducks

One day I was looking out of a window at the back of the school when I saw a bit of movement .I told my teacher when I went back into the class. The next day we saw a duck and nine ducklings. They were so cute! The next day we went out to look for the ducks. We gave them some bread and they were very hungry so they ate it all. They were mallard ducks. I loved watching the ducks. One duck came out of the water and teacher tried to take a photograph of it but it ran away. It was very funny!

By Maeve

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A few weeks ago a duck laid nine eggs at the back of our school. One day we went out to see the little baby mallards. They were following their mother all around the field. Our teacher took lots of photos with her camera. We even followed the ducklings around the field. Some of us even drew the ducks. The ducklings grew a lot in the next few weeks. We brought some bread for the ducklings. They were very hungry. Mallards eat insects and plants that live under water. All mallards have thick feathers to keep them warm and webbed feet for paddling along in water. The daddy ducks are called drakes. They have more colourful feathers than the females which are brown. To protect her eggs the mother plucks feathers from herself and spreads them over the eggs to keep them from harm. The sad thing is that the weaker duckling has a lesser chance of survival.

By Conor L.


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