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Yesterday we saw ducklings but did not know what they were. Today we found them in a narrow pond at the back of the school. Teacher said to bring a copy and pencil to sketch them and write sentences about them. We walked into the big yard and then into the field. The field was big but we knew where to find them. We came to the pond and there they were. A mother and nine ducklings. We saw that the mother had brown feathers and blue on her wings. Then we went to the computer and got on the internet and looked up ducks. When we saw a picture that matched our duck we knew it was a mallard. We got lots of info. We found out that the male has a shiny deep green neck with a white collar and a brown and light grey body. They eat molluscs, insects,small fish and some roots. The female lays between 8-15 greenish white eggs. When we went out next time they were further away but when we threw the bread in they came to get it. Then one of them came out and teacher took out her camera and took photos of them. Quack! quack!They went into the water and were diving under water and coming out with worms in their mouths. Another day we looked for the nest and found it. It had lots of mottled feathers in it and we took a photograph of it.

By Callie.

One day we saw something out the back window. We didn't know what they were. The next day we went out to see what they were and we found a mother duck and nine ducklings! We fed them some bread as they seemed hungry. When it rains the mammy duck sits on the ducklings to keep them warm. 24 hours after hatching the ducklings can swim. We took pictures of them swimming. I loved watching them grow.

By Emma.

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