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welcome to okstudios

  These pages reflect the interests we have  based in the beautiful region of West Cork, Ireland. Even though this area is fairly remote there is a very active community around here. The "OK" stands for Owen & Kate a life partnership as well as a creative one. Kate has lived in this area all her life and is a spinner & dyer, using the natural resources that are available locally for her work. Owen is a "blow-in" of  12years from the U.K. who works cross stitch & tapestries with silks & wool. These however are not the only things that happen here!


Our first child Mair Eve was born on the 15th December in time for a great Christmas. Kate is pursuading me to add a baby page and I probably will. Working from home &  living in a remote region this site is our way of reaching out to the world out there. Drop us a line and say "hi!"

 If you can hear the music it is from Picture House `s first album "Shine Box" and has been reproduced hear with the permission of the band. You can now find them in the new Music Room. Check out their new album Karmarama

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