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Welcome to my Music Room, I have an eclectic taste & I'm sure these guys are as eclectic as they come. This page will link you to a couple of my own Official and Unofficial pages.

Picture House are from Dublin's fair city and a better bunch of lads you will be hard pressed to find anywhere. I have been friends and worked with them for a long time witnessing a number of changes. Find out more on their unofficial site which, will also link you up to their Official site if you really must go there. Picture House

Jim & Patrick live in West Cork and have toured together around the U.K. They can be found playing their own unique brand of Trad/Folk all over West Cork. Last year they released a great album called "The Drunken Billy Goat." Find out more on their first web site. Jim & Patrick

For the moment our last act is "Big John Willie," as it is unlikely anyone would want to follow Big John. It is suprising that an artist of his calibre has no Official Web Page. So here it is the one everyone has been waiting for "Big John Willie in Cyberspace."